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Technical Information
Holger B. Jensen
Length overall  
9,00 m
Length (w.l)  
7,90 m
2,80 m
1,55 m
Spec. draught  
1,30 m
4.020 kg
Keel weight  
1.250 kg
23,90 kvm
18,20 kvm
20 HK/14 KW with freshwater cooling
60 l stainless steel
diesel tank
2 batteries with
diode splitter

Nordborg 900

With a length of 9 m, the NORDBORG 900 offers ample room and stowage space below deck. With a width of 2.80 m, it can also be used in smallish berths. Like all NORDBORG craft, it is constructed in accordance with high sea category A.

With its splendid mahogany superstructure and teak on the deck and in the cockpit (as standard), the NORDBORG 900 will deflect all the attention onto itself in any yachting marina. Out on the water, it cuts a convincing figure with its speediness, directional stability and simple handling. All fittings, rigging and sails are of the highest quality. For the smaller crew, a sturdy solid teak fender strip is a great help when in harbour.

The hull is made from hand laid fibre-glass with a balsa wood core. The thickness of the underwater section is up to 25 mm. On the deck and in the cockpit there is 10 mm of solid Burma teak. The keel is secured using five keel bolts 20 mm in diameter. That means great safety, security and stability, and as an added bonus provides generous stowage space in the bilge. A version is also available with reduced draught.

The fittings are made of silk-matt varnished mahogany. The atmosphere is intimate and cultivated, and a selection of many beautiful fabrics comes as standard for the cushions.
All practical features in the pantry, navigation corner, toilet and cabinets have been subjected to years of testing, making constant improvements and optimizations. Nevertheless, it is still possible to fulfil individual wishes and ideas when ordering a NORDBORG boat. Each boat is customized to the individual's wishes.

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